Taking individual sessions with Melanie Johnson changed my life. I had always had a weak core and as a result my posture and alignment were less than ideal. I found myself getting injured when I ran and did yoga. Melanie worked with me gently and gradually to turn that weakness into a strength. She has many years of experience in teaching Pilates and I really valued being taught by a true master. I saw the results in my posture improving, my stomach flattening, and in having toned arms and legs. Within two years I moved through the beginner and intermediate series and am now working on the advanced series. Probably most important, Pilates with Melanie encouraged me to become more involved in other sports. It improved my yoga, my downhill skiing, and running. Melanie was voted the Best Personal Trainer in my city for many years and I see why! She is an excellent motivator. She is highly professional and knows how to help people get the results they want. I am planning to continue with individual Pilates sessions for the rest of my life. It's the best investment in my health and happiness I can think of.

-  C.P. Yale professor

Thanks so much for everything. You have made a difference in Dad's life in so many ways. Everyone marvels at how much straighter he stands and how much more flexible he is, but you also made it fun and interesting for him, and he - we - will miss you!

- P.W. (daughter of my favorite 93-years-young client)

I came to Melanie Johnson with lower leg, lower back back and shoulder issues. The many miles of training had lead to “over use" injuries. Melanie's experience and insight instructed me through a gradual progression of core alignment, stability and a better sense of how the body is supposed to move. Her combined use of Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise has eliminated my injuries and has increased my range of motion.

- K.W. Two-time IronMan Triathlete

Thank you Melanie, for all the years of Pilates, and more recently Gyrotonic®. Your ability to observe and correct my body movements and habits never fails to amaze me. It seems there is always a deeper level to go to and you know just when to do that. It's been fun, hard work, a lot of learning and I love it.

- N.F. Business owner

For those of us who would like to enjoy better posture, better health, and fewer aches and pains, Melanie Johnson is delighted to show us the way! Whether it is a pilates mat class or a gyrotonic® class, she challenges her students to be the best that they can be. And when you leave, don't forget to adjust your mirrors, because you will be sitting up taller in your car!

- J.B. Women’s rowing team member

Melanie, I am sure already that I will not be able to find a teacher as kind, knowledgeable, and funny as you! Thank you so much for your time and investment in me.

- M.B. Yale University student

I am a fifty-nine year old woman who is committed to welcoming the future years with physical strength, flexibility, and balance. In the past three years, Melanie Johnson has done wonders to help me meet my goal. I feel stronger and more flexible now than when I was in my twenties running marathons.

- M.M. Epidemiologist

I write to thank you for a terrific experience in the Intro Pilates series. I feel quite blessed to have discovered the studio, the work, and you as a teacher. Talk about the lights going on and feeling alive!

- A.M. College student

I just wanted to thank you for this weekend. [Pilates mat teacher training] was great! I can't believe all the information I learned!!! Thank you so much! I had a great time! Maybe I can pop into a class when I'm in the area! I would love to take class again from you!

- M.P. Pilates mat teacher

I am so glad that I finally decided to look into Pilates. Melanie came highly recommended so I sought her out. I was having significant sciatica. It was painful to exercise and I even felt it when walking longer distances. Melanie has taught me an incredible amount about posture and strengthening and within 2 months of working with her my pain is gone! I can now run long distances and never get the pain. And more -- I finally have strength in my abdominals, and the muscles in my arms are peeking out too! I feel better and stronger than I have in the past and I owe Melanie a lot!

- A.S. Physician

Melanie Johnson is both an inspirational and exceptional teacher. She excels in focusing on the heart of the exercises in a way that makes them easier to understand and remember. It is clear that Melanie loves what she does and this translates into her teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am excited to move on and up to the next level.

- R.D. Pilates instructor

Melanie Johnson is not only an excellent instructor, she is the peak of any professional expectation. I feel lucky to start this new experience with her and I wish her all the best.

- I.A. Rhythmic Gymnastic Coach, Personal Trainer, Pilates mat teacher

Melanie is an amazing and inspiring teacher - she finds a way to animate the familiar subject matter so that it is deeply imprinted in your mind in a more meaningful and relevant way. I look forward to putting it into practice and eagerly await the next module! The teaching materials are comprehensive and laid out in a way that is very easy to use and reference.

- S.J. Pilates instructor