Classically trained in the Pilates Method, the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and a certified personal trainer, I teach the principles and techniques of the entire Pilates repertoire, the Gyrotonic® methodology and Gyrokinesis® group sessions. Incorporating various modalities of somatic, therapeutic, holistic and functional movement, I create balance and strength in both the body and mind.

Inspiring the body and mind to flow as one, I require full concentration and commitment, enabling the client to experience all that Pilates, the Gyrotonic Expansion System®  and Integrated Fitness has to offer. I begin by emphasizing the fundamentals of each method, always focusing on the quality of movement, challenging each client to feel their very best with each session.

With this mindfulness, using your breath and your core musculature, you will achieve strength, flexibility and increased body awareness.

Change takes time. You will begin slowly, and understand that you will progress in stages. These movements are meant to teach you a new way to connect to your body, not conquer it! Try not to compare or compete with yourself or others. This is your own personal growth experience.

Relax and enjoy your session… your commitment is mine as well.

- Melanie Johnson