Integrated Fitness Coaching

Melanie offers a unique personal fitness and wellness training program dedicated to inspiring and motivating you in your personal health, fitness and wellness journey. She has been a teacher and trainer of fitness for 30 years. Her integrated fitness program includes traditional and contemporary modalities that work! Creating core strength, power, balance and flexibility, endurance, and a long, lean physique.

Whether you are a newcomer to fitness, looking to jump start your fitness program, cross train, needing weight loss advice or nutritional counseling, Melanie can design a personalized workout for you.

Her goal is to inspire you and provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can create and maintain a place of mindfulness. Once there, you are able to access new physical awareness and awaken new energy. By creating a focused, process-oriented practice, you can achieve all of your personal goals.

Your individualized program will be designed by Melanie to include a fitness and goals assessment, one on one sessions incorporating strength, cardio and flexibility, using all modalities of movement, wellness and relaxation. Whether your goals are physical or aesthetic, home- or gym-based, Melanie can develop a program that WORKS for YOU!